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Freshie Organic Tequila Seltzer Grapefruit Guava - 4 Pack

Freshie Organic Tequila Seltzer Grapefruit Guava - 4 Pack

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Say hello to Freshie, the world's first organic tequila seltzer. Freshie is made with premium organic blanco tequila and only the freshest organic ingredients. The result is a clean refreshing cocktail without the after taste and secret additives you may find in other seltzers. We are proud to be sustainably farmed and distilled in a zero carbon footprint production located in Jalisco, Mexico. 

Grab your favorite twisty straw and let's get tropical! Grapefruit Guava is our modern take on a Paloma. You will taste a juicy not bitter Grapefruit flavor followed by a very subtle Guava sidekick. Whether you're brunching or having a movie night you can enjoy this light sparkling tequila cocktail right from the can or on ice. 

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